Nadia Hardy

Department of Mathematics and Statistics Concordia University
téléphone : Tel: +1 514 848 2424 ext. 3233/3235
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Projet principal : Caractériser, identifier, discuter le comportement mathématique au premier cycle, deuxième cycle, et niveau professionnel

After obtaining an undergraduate and graduate degree in pure mathematics and teaching mathematics at the college and university level for more than a decade, I became interested in mathematics education as a research domain. I completed my doctoral studies in this area at Concordia University under the careful supervision of Anna Sierpinska. In 2009, I joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Concordia U as a mathematics professor and a researcher in mathematics education. I am currently an elected member of the PME-NA (Psychology in Mathematics Education, North American chapter) Steering Committee and a member of the Editorial Committee of the journal Annales de didactique et de sciences congnitives.